About our Earth’s Pantry website

Thanks for stopping by my Eco products site. My name is Mike and the Earth’s Pantry concept had been a work in progress of mine for a couple of years. The idea had come about mainly because I got tired of searching numerous so-called ‘Eco’ online stores and finding the same old stuff. So in early 2011, along with a few like-minded friends, we decided to develop a site that would showcase some of the best Eco/organic products available and make them available from a single website.

So, how do we decide what products to promote on our site? The main criteria for inclusion is the products friendliness to Mother Earth and it’s sustainability. We absolutely adore things that use less energy, re-use materials, don’t pollute, or that are natural and organic, anything in fact that is fun, functional and desirable gets our tick of approval.

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative, environmentally friendly, natural and organic and feel-good products that may appeal to your ecological nature. The range of products we sell through our Earth’s Pantry online store enables our customers to live in a more sustainable way, and so make a positive contribution to a better and brighter future for everyone and the planet.

Here are just some of the benefits of purchasing through Earth’s Pantry:

  • We provide practical, functional and beautiful Eco friendly, natural and organic products that you can buy right now, at reasonable prices
  • We make eco choices easier
  • We carefully select the Eco products we offer from the best of what’s available
  • We give you ideas, information and inspiration to be more Eco-friendly
  • We help you make good buying decisions
  • We make it easy to shop and buy environmentally friendly

Do have a look around at all the Eco products that we offer, best sellers include the Eco Balls Wash Kit, and the Eco Kettle, but we sell all sorts of other stuff, including home furnishings, pet health, natural energy solutions and natural and organic beauty products – you can navigate around to different sections using the links on the right.

Why buy from us?
Why not? I head a small team of ordinary people, who care about the sustainability of our planet, we’re not trying to flog our own products or rip anyone off. We act as a focal point for some of the best Eco products available and try to offer environmentally friendly solutions.

We will continue to build and develop this site providing more products and resources for sustainable living. We hope you enjoy the range of products on offer and return on a regular basis.

From all the team

Earth’s Pantry