We are all aware these days how it’s becoming much harder to avoid the chemicals in foods, skincare and other types of products and how it has the potential to negatively affect our bodies.

All is not lost though as we can still do out best to live in harmony with our environment and ourselves to live 100% naturally, if you know what’s in your food, and cosmetic products, and they are organic, natural products… you know that you’re putting something good into or on to your body.

This site was put together to provide you with a comprehensive listing of products that fall within the natural and organic sectors, with the main emphasis on the planets resources and the environmental sustainability.

So, before you rush off and start browsing the different categories and products on offer, it’s worth taking the time to really understand what all the different terms mean.

ORGANIC. Is a term used to describe food that has been grown organically has not been produced with sewage sludge, it hasn’t been irradiated, it doesn’t include genetically modified foods, or most man-made chemicals.

Why buy organic produce? Well to begin with it’s really healthy for your body and it’s daily functions. It’s also really good for the environment as it doesn’t require the use of pesticides, plus there is the added advantage of better working conditions for the farm workers who handle the crops.

NATURAL. When a product is classified as being natural it is generally accepted that foods and supplements under this category are made using only natural and organic ingredients.

Naturally and organically grown foods tend to have broader nutrient profiles than pampered, chemically assisted varieties.

GREEN. Going green is something we hear a lot about and has become one of today’s most popular sayings, but what does ‘Going Green’ really mean.

Green living is all about reducing the chemical loading in our bodies and removing or limiting the harmful chemicals and toxins from our environment.

ECO. We have now reached a point where Man’s affect on the earth’s environment is overwhelming nature’s ability to compensate.  We believe it is imperative to use methods that are sustainable over time, and that return a balance to the Earth’s ecosystem that can be enjoyed by all future generations.

Now, take your time to browse through the various categories on the right hand side showcasing natural products from organic produce through to skincare and supplements.